Advanced Library for Poser - you'll never use Poser's library palette again! :-)

Simple Setup

This simple Setup example will show you how you can set up Advanced Library to just show the Content of your Poser library, so you can test if you like the interface.

Open the Settings Tab

Right click into it

Select "Add Category"
The new category "New category" is added
Click it to edit the name
Name it "Character"

Use the same Method to add more categories

I will add "Hair" and "Pose" only
Open Windows Explorer

Navigate to your Poser Library

Click on the "Character Folder" in Explorer and hold the mouse button down
Drag the mouse cursor over to "Character" on Advanced Library's "Settings Tab"
Drop the "Character" folder onto the "Character" category (release the mouse button)
The + sign shows that you were successful
Do the same for the other Categories you created (here i did it for Hair and Poses)
Click on Synchronize Library
Switch to the "Library Tab"

Now you can browse the library as you'd do within Poser

If you don't find browsing your library that way better than with Poser's Library interface, you'll probably not be interested in the tool.
Otherwise, have a look at